Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thursday September 27th - forests

Thursday marked my departure from the sea, and the start of a long journey across the continent towards the Mediterranean.

The weather was still a bit grey and miserable, with very little actual rain but not enough sunshine to enjoy lunch by or by which to adequately charge my phone.

The morning landscapes consisted mostly of unremarkable flattish stuff. I left Normandy and entered Brittany for a short while, crossed the pleasant Foret de Fougeres and then continued into the Mayenne region of Pays de la Loire.

I passed lots of farmland and cows. I startled one cow, which caused it to start bucking around and charging in my general direction, and I was very glad of the electric fence between us. After this incident I would take a lot more care around cows, trying not to ride past them too fast, and crossing to the far side of the road whenever possible.

Later there was a nice gentle winding climb up into the Mayenne forest, followed by a nice fast straight road to Andouillé, where I camped for the bank-breaking cost of 1.85 euro/night at the camping municipal.

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