Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunday 9th April: Not quite fit to pedal


I am not as fit as Hel (yet), and although we managed a long trek yesterday I was in a bad way today. Most of the 20 miles to Dorchester were quite miserable, far too hily for sore legs, but there is a really nice bit towards the end with a series of considerately diminishing hills. A bit of pedaling down one was enough to make me roll over the crest of the next.

Needless to say I was very grateful for the warm reception and a hot meal at Hel's grandparent's.


Thanks to my parents and grandparents, who between them managed to fill us up with much-needed roast dinners today. We were reluctant to get going today, still being pretty tired from Saturday's 80 miles. The road to Dorchester was a little hillier than it looked on the map, and we both really struggled in places - but fortunately it was only about 20 miles and made a pleasant enough afternoon ride. My bike was feeling a lot less sluggish after ditching the extra weight, and I'm just about coping without the Wensleydale.

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