Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tuesday 3rd October: Soggy


We have come a long way over the last two days, 114 miles in total. I was a bit worried that the sun would fry us during the afternoon but luckily we were too busy gettting drenched for that to happen. The strong head wind has also been a problem, but we have made it this far and are now set up for a short trip across the border tomorrow if our clothes dry out in time. Google Earth is a great tool if you can find an internet connection, I was able to get a very good idea of the terrain we were facing from Cervera to Portugal. In fact we would not have attempted the last two days if it hadn't been clear that we were going to be going through a lot of flattish country. We have not seen very many places to stay after leaving the mountains, if we had our days might have been somewhat shorter, and the cycling has been a little dull too, but all that looks set to change just a few miles down the road into a new country and a new set of mountains.

The trip has also been good for getting some code done, which can often be a tricky thing to fit in. I am still optimistic that we might release another game this year, but we will also have to do some straight up earning over the winter so we can afford to visit people and fund a few other crazy ideas over the next year.


Given the wetness of our clothes, the tiringness of Monday, the cheapness of our accommodation and the excellentness of the local Chinese, we were tempted to take another day off and hang around in La Baneza, but the lure of Portugal proved too much and we were on our way again on Tuesday morning.

That may have been a bit of a lousy decision given the horrible weather of Tuesday. Which started out windy, changeable and a bit annoying that it wouldn't make up its mind between baking sun and cold rain (it makes wardrobe management very hard for us) and eventually decided it was going to be thoroughly wet. My socks, which had just dried out from last night, got very soaked again, and we both soon had squelchy puddles in our shoes.

It was another long day between two large-ish places - we were hoping to be able to cut it short and find somewhere to stay and eat along the way, but as we suspected, we went fifty miles before seeing any accommodation whatsoever, which was a hotel/restaurant just before Puebla de Sanabria. We stopped, found it to be reasonably priced, and got a room. All our stuff is soaking wet.

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