Monday, October 23, 2006


Well we did say we would educate our readers on the topic of Portuguese patisserie and we're not the kind of people to break those kind of promises, so reluctantly we dragged ourselves down the local pastelaria (there was a good one at Tabuaco and we gave ourselves another day off just to check that it really was rather good).

Clockwise, from top left:

1. Nutty goodness (chestnut, we think) in a flaky pastry case.
2. Moist chocolatey loveliness with chocolate icing, this one really was fantastic
3. Coconut cake (apologies for the bite marks, dgym was out of control)
4. Mostly like an eclair, I think the orangey stuff was some form of orange-based confection.

And, for anybody who thinks we may not have truly earned these cakes, this is what the terrain is like around here:

Somebody forgot to iron Portugal.

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