Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Friday 6th October: Vinhais

Vinhais is one of those towns where it is very hard to find somewhere that doesn't have a stunning view of the mountains, we completely and utterly failed to find a room that met these criteria, and ended up with a view like this:

We also spotted a lovely house just out of town, overlooking a similar view (minus billboard).

Wouldn't say no to that. Unfortunately, Vinhais is on the N103 which is the only real road between Braganca and Chaves, both of which are quite big - so it has a bit too much traffic to be really pleasant. It's been quite a short day today, but we've been up three or four big climbs. Tomorrow we're turning off the N103 and onto some littler ones.

We are pleased with Portugal so far. We are finding decent rooms for 25euro, and the food has been most excellent (and easy to come by). Today we had quite an early lunch because the bread we bought this morning weighed a ton and Dgym didn't want to carry it any more. It was nice bread - dense and brown and quite cakey. While we were eating, a bloke drove by in his car, beeped and waved enthusiastically at us. We're not quite sure why, perhaps he was a big fan of roadside lunches.

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