Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday 28th May - Overtyred

We ended up spending two nights in Waren, for several reasons. (a) to get a bit of coding done. (b) to get a bit of bike maintenance done (c) to avoid any Saturday-related problems in getting a room (d) the place we were staying was reasonably cheap and opposite an Eiscafe.

I picked up a shiny new pair of Schwalbe Marathons from the local bikeshop and fitted them. One day I'll learn to get all my tyre measurements right. Well, I got two out of three right this time, they're a little taller than the old ones, so the rear one only just fits inside the mudguard. However, they are very nice and so far have done everything one would expect a tyre to do. What with dgym still carrying around two of his old trike tyres and me now carrying two more, we spent this morning with nine tyres between us, until we found a skip in which to dispose of them.

While in England, quite a few people asked us how the weather had been on our travels so far. We were able to report that it hadn't been too bad, and that we'd only had one or two days of proper rain. Many of those people remarked on how fortunate we had been. I would just like to point out to all those people that our luck is over, it has rained every day this week (although there have been some sunny intervals) and this afternoon we got absolutely drenched by proper hardcore torrential rain, accompanied by strong gusty winds, which seemed intent on knocking me over sideways. Fortunately by then, we were just coming into Neubrandenburg, our destination for the day, so we stopped at a hotel/restaurant combo. Germany has been good to us in many ways, but the weather is not one of them.

Still, during one of the sunny spells we spotted three gorgeous blondes in a field.

Tomorrow, we're hoping to get fairly close to the Polish border and spend our last night in Germany.

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