Sunday, May 28, 2006

Friday 26th May - Yet more holidays

So apparently yesterday was some kind of holiday. We deduced this from the amount of rain, and also the abundance of people around. There was lots of partying activity by the lake at Schwerin - food tents, music, Germans pushing around wheelbarrows of beer. We also noticed a lot of cyclists around, most of which were sporting sprigs of lilac on their front baskets / handlebars / anywhere they could fit it.

We reached Goldberg around 4 o'clock and encountered lots of beered up young men (presumably they had emptied their wheelbarrows). We followed signs to the tourist office which looked rather closed, and were approached by a cycling couple who asked if they could help us. In our shaky German we managed to establish that today was indeed a Feiertag (holiday), and communicate that we were looking for a room. They indicated to us to follow them, and very kindly led us down the road to a reasonably-priced hotel.

Today was pretty slow as dgym was having lots of trouble with his chain rubbing, I think lots of muck has got into his chain tubes. We've got back into picnics again, a habit which we enjoyed in France but somewhere along the line, pub lunches took over. But when LIDL calls, who are we to ignore it? So we have been picking up lots of tasty bread, ham, pickled herrings, potted salads, chocolate mousse and other goodies and stopping off for pleasant roadside munchies.

Tourist offices aren't always the most useful resource. I visited the one in Waren to find a suitable room. The cheapest they could find me was a pension for 55euro. I decided to go and talk it over with dgym. While we were hanging around in the street umming and ahhing over it, and deciding whether to just go to the nearby campsite, dgym looked over my shoulder and saw a "Zimmer Frei" sign in a cafe window. I went in and asked about it, they didn't seem so keen about a single-night stay but agreed to put us up for 45euro.

Amusing things we saw today:

1. railroad bicycles. I wish I'd got a picture of this. Little railroad trolleys with a cycle attachment on either side, so two people pedal to propel the trolley along the railway, and you can fit a couple more people as passengers. We saw quite a few of these on a stretch of railway, which I am assuming was otherwise disused :)

2. Scavenger ducks at an Eiscafe. I've seen plenty of scavenger cats at cafes, but it was nice to see ducks having a go.


Anonymous said...

Evil people shop at Lidl >.<

Breezer said...

Did you ever visit the Lidl in Farnham? Their own-brand stuff is realllly very cheap and you get what you pay for. I used it a few times when I moved to Farnham and wasn't feeling very rich, but avoided it like the plague after that.

Breezer said...

I've just enquired with a friend at work, and it was indeed a holiday; a religious one called "Himmelfahrt". He didn't know/say what the English meaning of it was.