Saturday, May 06, 2006

England: crazy place

We were only away for a little over three weeks but it seems like much longer. Now we're back for a bit, England seems like a crazy place. Everybody's in a rush. There's an insane amount of traffic (we were wondering what the occasion was, then remembered every day's like that), the supermarkets are packed out, there's hardly any bicycles around, and everybody drives on the wrong side of the road.

Maps of our travels so far are now on Flickr. Each has a corresponding link to gmap-pedometer, where you can see the route in more detail (although it's a bit vague in a few places, especially in the Netherlands where we were mostly on rural cycle paths and didn't take much note of town names) - I was pleased to see that Google's European mapping has suddenly become very detailed in the past couple of weeks.

And in further fits of geekiness, I've transferred our daily distance/speed stats to an online spreadsheet, where you can view or even mess around with them, and discover such fascinating figures as our total distance of 1149 miles, or average daily distance of 44 miles.

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