Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday, day of rest

Well if you people in offices get to spend your Fridays drinking beer and surfing the internet, why shouldn't we take it easy too?

We weren't quite ready to get back on the road this morning, so we decided to put in another day at Cervera to get another menu del dia for lunch, allow my washing to finish drying and generally gear ourselves up. Besides, we had been wanting to leave early this morning but in our excitement yesterday at having some internet access, we completely forgot to go grocery shopping.

We have been treated very well in Cervera - we had some nice cakes for breakfast, were well fed again today at lunchtime, and the place we're staying in is really nice, the lady who runs it is very sweet, she even took my damp washing off the windowsill this morning and reappeared with it this evening, all dried and ironed. It is actually a hostal we are staying in, not a hostel - there is a difference. For the benefit the nice young gentleman who asked what a pension was, and anybody else who is interested, here is an explanation of the various types of accommodation.

We had nice pizza for dinner. We're on our way again tomorrow morning, honest.

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Anonymous said...

No news since Friday? Obviously quite some rest you're having!!