Monday, July 03, 2006

We go to Germany and eat ice cream so you don't have to

Following the popularity of photographs from our last Eiscafe visit, and requests for more of the same, we dutifully got on our bicycles on Friday and returned to Germany. Here is a picture of our latest conquest, Lasagne Eis:

Vanilla ice cream, topped with berries and fruit sauce, some tinned fruit and white chocolate flakes. The verdict: nice, but not as good as the Spaghetti or Steak Eis.

As a special bonus, you also get a picture of a pancake, as we managed to find a small frying pan for 16zl, and had a huge pancake fest on Saturday (well, the pancakes were small but the fest was enormous). Here is one of dgym's pancakes, topped with some blackcurrants.

So that ticks off one thing on the list of stuff we miss. We're still holding out for chocolate brownies, innocent smoothies, pies of all shapes and sizes and clothes that don't smell.


Anonymous said...

That pancake looks a little bit too good to have been cooked by Dgym. I don't remember his last attempt being up to that standard...

Hel said...

I know, it's a bit, erm, round for dgym's pancake making style isn't it. Just to be on the safe side, he mixed the batter and I did the cooking.