Saturday, March 03, 2012


Amid all the wedding-related rush in Rochester, I managed to spend a day wandering around the city, seeing the sights. Despite being mostly car-dominated, Rochester does have a decent, cheap and punctual bus service (even if the timetable is a little sparse) so I was able to make the half hour journey from our edge-of-town hotel to "Downtown" for $1.

I wandered into the Strong Museum of Play which, in retrospect may not have been the best choice for me - the ground floor is dominated by mini supermarkets, mini trains and other fun toy stuff which might have been good if I were a couple of feet shorter. However, the upstairs was more interesting and full of toy history - doll houses, old gaming consoles and several cabinets full of freaky dolls. Killed a couple of hours but not worth the $13 entry fee for that alone.

High Falls After that I took a long and progressively freezier walk around town, visiting High Falls which is a huge waterfall in the town centre and is pretty impressive - there's a footbridge which affords an excellent view. I also passed by the Kodak HQ which is one of the more attractive buildings in the town. I was cold enough to head back to the hotel after that!

Dgym and I spent some time in the town a couple of days later - we watched a film at a tiny cinema which cost a huge $3 each and satisfied our craving for buttered popcorn. We then managed to see the planetarium, science museum and Kodak museum, but since it was so late in the day we didn't actually get to look around any of them.

We Amtrakked onwards to Chicago - having taken the luxury of business class at only a few dollars extra on our previous journey, we declined the roomettes on board the sleeper train at a $250 markup above the basic ticket price and slept in our seats. It was darker and quieter than a lot of sleeper recliners I've been on but the seats weren't a great experience - whereas they're equipped with a generous amount of recline, they're also designed to tip you right out onto the floor so it wasn't the most comfortable of nights and we were glad to get to our destination.

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