Saturday, July 11, 2009

I will finish that story...

... although it's not very cycley.

Dgym was due to drive down and join me in Lulworth the next day for a bit of B&B and seaside time, so I left the campsite and rolled a mile down the hill to the Cove. That was my day's cycling.

Lulworth Cove is a Mecca for Dorset geography teachers. Pilgrimages are made daily so that crowds of clipboard-equipped students can learn how different rates of rock erosion have shaped the Jurassic coastline. Perfect eavesdropping material for a bored geeky cyclist with very little else to do that day.

Five years ago, five equally sized lumps of different types of rock were placed outside the visitor centre - Portland limestone, Purbeck limestone, Wealden, Greensands and chalk. Today there's nothing left of the Wealden, and the Greensands and Chalk have disintegrated considerably, whereas the limestones are still standing tall. If you were considering constructing a building that lasts for more than five years, I hope that helps in your choice of materials.

After that I got bored again, wandered off and bought a pretty windmill for dgym. I'm a bit of a sucker for brightly coloured stuff.

Dgym showed up in the evening and we stayed the night in the Lulworth Cove Inn which was very nice and we had a balcony. We ate at Pebbles restaurant which was disappointing - expensive tiny mediocre food - but we hurried up the road to the Castle Inn afterwards to fill up on delicious puddings.

We squeezed the bike into the car and drove home the next day. I was tired out, oversunned, had a lot to do at home and was feeling generally uninspired by Wednesday's ride (for a multitude of possible reasons).

I'm due to finish work (for real this time) towards the end of August. It'll nearly be cycling time again and I'm busy thinking about where to go, which gadgets to bring, how to get back, etc. More on that soon.

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