Sunday, January 07, 2007

What now?

Having seen quite a few countries last year and found that most of them have quite a few good things going for them, but still not finding the desire to actually live in any of them, we are not really any the wiser as to where we do want to live.

That's partly due to our changing requirements. We started out wanting somewhere nice and cheap where we could buy a really cheap house and live off the interest on our remaining savings. Which wouldn't be a lot, but in countries like Poland or Slovakia, it would keep us in dumplings.

Our requirements now are slightly different. We don't want a huge journey back to the UK to see our friends and families (we have decided that we don't like flying, and we only like ferries if they stay away from the Atlantic - Trains are fine though). We have tried out freelance coding over the internet, and had some success - this considerably increases our budget. We want somewhere nice and quiet where the dogs don't bark all night, and we want somewhere that people actually eat food (yes, Spain, we're looking at you). We also have really gone off cycling in flat places, it's really boring. So some hills or mountains would be great.

France is still on the list - we're looking at winter lets and will hopefully rent one for a month or so, just to see what things are like there. However, self employment is widely reputed to be extremely difficult and expensive in France, so we're not convinced about that one. It's also possible that we'll end up back in the UK. Who knows....

Anyway - whatever we decide, we've had a really cool year - we saw so many different places and had different and interesting experiences in each of them - it's a lot to take in and it's easy for any one of those experiences to get lost amongst all the others. We hope you've enjoyed following our journey, and please don't stop reading because we're not about to stop cycling.

What's next?

Among all the stuff we're hoping to do this year - finding a house, getting married, building up our games site as well as keeping the freelance work going, we will be doing some more cycling.

Our bikes will be coming with us to France, so we'll be doing a bit of exploring there - and we're hoping to do an End to End at some point this year. We're not quite sure when that will be, but you'll be hearing all about it.

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