Saturday, November 11, 2006

Piri-piri brownies

1. Make chocolate brownie mix. If you don't have a tried and tested recipe of your own, pinch somebody elses. I used this one from the BBC.

2. Add as much chilli as you dare. I used a mix of piri-piri powder (lethal stuff) and crushed dried piri-piri peppers.

3. Bake

4. Eat

5. Burn


Anonymous said...

That really doesn't sound very nice at all. If it's anything like chilli icecream, I think I'll give it a miss. Instead of adding chilli to your chocolate brownies, why not put in lots of different types of chocolate and some nuts?

Hel said...

Actually they were very nice, and very popular (not just with us). I have just stocked up on piri piri and we are flying back tomorrow night, so provided they don't confiscate it on the plane (it's pretty lethal) I will make you some.

Dgym says they were nicer than chilli ice cream, and I agree. They taste pretty much like normal brownies (with a lovely soft sticky centre) you just glow a little afterwards.

Nuts are a good idea, but the chocolate's rubbish here, I was lucky to find even one decent type of chocolate.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog with interest, after recently buying a QNT direct from Cornwall (ICE). I'm using mine for my trips to work (though it's only 4,5 kms! :-( .)
Just wondering: if I happen to add a comment to an earlier entry, how will you know? Do you get an alert or something? Also wondering what your connection is with SET, as it seems to have been invented by someone else! Cool game tho!

No posts since 11.11? What's the current situation? Looking forward to the next instalment!


Hel said...

Hi Phil

Hope you're enjoying your new trike!

If you post a comment to an earlier entry we'll get an e-mail telling us about it.

We're not connected with SET, it was created by somebody else, we are just addicts of the game and decided to make an online version.

Currently we're back in the UK for a couple of weeks but our bikes are still in Portugal so we're going to drive back, spend another few weeks there and then bring everything back here. The cycling adventures are over for this year, but hopefully there are more in the not-so-distant future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hel,

Did the going get tough out there? Just wondering what made you decide to pack it in for this year.

Did you need to egt permission from SET inventor to make the online version? I saw a pocket version on sale here recently, for 16 euros.

Enjoying my trike, but plagued with punctures recently, because they grit the pavements and streets 'cos of the snow!


I'm looking forward to your next blog update!

dgym said...

Hi Phil,

I didn't get on too well with the tyres that came with my trike. I got one puncture within 100 miles, and another one or two in Germany. I am now using a Schwalbe Marathon Plus on the back, which is quite heavy, and two Specialized Armadillos on the front which are a little lighter.

The mix came from picking up what I could where, I would be equally happy with three of either. None of them have punctured yet, despite some woodland trails and some fairly awful roads in Poland.

The cycling in Portugal did get very tough, and it was most enjoyable. Unfortunately the drivers are awful. The Spanish have a bad reputation which is now largely undeserved. Maybe fewer people survive the Portuguese experience to warn everyone else.

We might need permission to do an online version of SET, but we don't know. We do tell our visitors where they can buy the real thing, and we do not misrepresent its origins, so we hope we are acting responsibly, but a letter from someone's lawyers could change everything.

Did you opt for three wheels straight away or have you ridden/owned a recumbent bicycle before?

Hope your punctures get sorted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dgym, I still have the original tyres that came with my Trice, and I suspect that the front tyres are too thin for these conditions here. When there's snow, and they grit the roads and cycle/pedestrian pathways, that grit is just too sharp for ordinary bike tyres. I'm going to try Maxxis Maxx Daddy tyres on the front (haven't had a back puncture yet!). They're available from e.g. ICE guys also recommended putting a product called Slime inside the tubes. Might try that if the new tyres get punctures as well.

I tried a 2-wheeler briefly a couple of years ago, and the idea has been dormant until this summer, but decided on 3 wheels because of the possible slippery conditions here in autumn and spring. But I don't intend to keep triking right through the winter.

About SET, don't you think it would perhaps have been acting more responsibly to ask the makers of SET about an online version? They might be willing to pay you for the software! Rather than never knowing if some day a letter is going to arrive from their lawyers!


Anonymous said...


Just to put your minds at ease, if anyone blows the whistle on you for the SET online that you made, it won't be me! I think it's really cool!

Also found a studded tyre here, done locally using a Schwalbe Jumpin' Jack. Expensive though, at 50 quid each!