Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We just can't stay away

So we're back in Thailand again, 2 years after we last left. We were haunted by memories of tasty delicious food, excessive amounts of sunshine, coconuts with straws in them and all those offers of tuktuks and massages... well OK, we can take or leave that last one.

We've been in Bangkok for the past few days - having left behind a freezing snowy UK, we have been easing our way into the 30°C heat and getting stuck into some yummy Thai food.

We flew out on Eva Air, which was fine apart from the horrible food but it's currently the cheapest way of flying direct from London to Bangkok. It's a couple of hundred quid cheaper than Thai which has nicer food but not 200 quid nicer - that's a lot of yummy street food. Our advice: fly Eva but bring sandwiches!

Our plane flew a different route from last time, passing over Georgia and Azerbaijan at night with tiny scattered settlements visible in the mountains which was kind of cool, and meeting with dawn over Turkmenistan. We flew over Afghanistan (which is apparently an OK thing to do), then across India and over the enormous Ganges delta which was, as any self respecting delta should be, criss-crossed with rivers and looking quite spectacular from the air.

Anyway - it's lovely to be back here. We've done quite a lot over the past few days which we need to catch up on writing about, and have some exciting plans for the coming weeks!


Jim Bentley said...

Cool, better than slipping around, my bikes have remained in the shed the last few weeks. When're you gonna bike up to Wales?

Hel said...

I managed to get a couple of rides in before we left - it's fun riding off road when it's frozen enough to make the ground firm, so long as the snow's not too deep. Biking up to Wales, maybe one day, I spent a weekend biking around forests in mid Wales a couple of years ago and it was lovely. I've been cleaning up all my sad neglected bicycles and do want to get back into doing some more adventurous / longer distance stuff, although I also need to work on my sad neglected cycling muscles first :)