Friday, September 07, 2007


We're off for some more adventures.

We are riding west for a two week tour. We're aiming for Cornwall with our camping gear and the intention of actually camping and cooking for ourselves this time.

After that, I'm leaving dgym at home and heading off on a long ride to Corsica.

Right now we're in a bit of a last minute panic getting everything ready. I managed to break one of the screws attaching my front rack to my bike, it's never pretty when a rack breaks on tour so I'm glad I discovered the problem before leaving. After a quick trip to the bike shop, my bike is happy again.

We're trying to decide what goes best in a camping kitchen without weighing ourselves down too much. I have been making little bags of herbs and spices, a little squeezy bottle of olive oil, and a little pot of sugar to sprinkle on porridge.

There won't be much blogging while we're travelling this time, due to limited supplies of electricity. Instead, we will be using what is known as "pen and paper" to write about our travels, followed by a lot of typing when we get back.

We look forward to telling you all about it.

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