Thursday, March 23, 2006

Goodbye House

We sold our house on Tuesday, and it was quite anti-climactic. For all the paperwork we had to sign, cleaning and tidying for viewings, anxiety of last-minute delays, and that minor business of moving, the sale went exactly as a sale should go - money was received and the item in question was given.

Of course the excitement has been somewhat dampened by the lack of sleep and the state of the flat, which is our temporary home, and the long-term home of all our stuff. Imagine emptying a three-bedroom house (sheds and all) into a two-bedroom flat, and then try living in there. The picture looks bad, but it's an improvement on two days ago in that you can now cross the room without specialist climbing equipment.

It won't be for long though. In just over two weeks we hope to be away. Until then, we will be spending our time rearranging boxes so they all fit in one room, investing our money so we actually have an income, and getting our equipment and muscles ready for the long journey.

The most crucial piece of equipment to get ready is Dgym's trike. He already owns a recumbent bicycle, which is a lovely light tourer for flat country - however, this year we will be going over mountain ranges and carrying quite a lot - so he has decided on a third wheel. The Trice QNT is currently being built, and delivery is expected in two weeks time. That will leave not much time to put it together, load it up, and set off.

I will be sticking with my beloved Dawes Galaxy which has taken me on a few long rides, and is currently lurking at the foot of the bed with all our other babies (It's the one on the right)

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