Saturday, December 09, 2006

A lesser form of travel

We arrived back in Portugal last night after spending three days driving here from Guildford, via the Dover to Calais ferry. A lot of this was boring (and sometimes expensive) motorway, but the best parts were spent following our cycles routes, either in reverse for the first part of France, or just as we did a few months ago across Spain.

It is an interesting mix of pride and astonishment to see exactly how far we travelled each day. 50 miles a day may not sound like much but even in the car we would be lucky to do that in an hour. The hills aren't any less deceptive either, I actually checked to make sure my hand brake wasn't on at one stage, then released we were going up the same climb that had caught us out last time, it really looks flat but the engine was struggling and telling me otherwise.

Yesterday we were in Spain for the sunset and it was absolutely gorgeous. Most of our route across was stunning, and on lovely quiet roads too. If only it wasn't so far from England, and so sparse on the camping ground front. Of course we didn't even try to eat there, we know better than that, so we had an early lunch in France and a late dinner in Portugal. Since we had another chance to check out a recommended restaurant - just down the road from the campsite between the border and Braganca, we stopped there and had a really good meal. It was a little pricey but not a rip off at all. We had soup followed by wild boar and were regretably too stuffed for pudding.

Arriving back in Valpacos didn't go quite as expected. Our hosts need their room back, they kindly put us up for the night (we arrived gone midnight) but we will be on our way again today once we have packed everything, including the bikes. We just need to figure out where we are going now and then how to get there. It was freezing in the room last night but having duvets this time helped no end. Apperently it is too cold to bark, we didn't hear from Inca at all and went to check she was still there and alright this morning. In fact it was lovely and quiet and probably the best nights sleep we have had here so far so was a fitting send off.

We have lots to arrange now so had better get on with it, but not before a breakfast cake.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamsey and Hel

I registered for you games website - do I get a brownie point? Tried to play but the Java applet failed - might be due to trying at work.

I have a top tip for you - for us novices, how about renaming the help page 'How to play'. It's a bit more obvious.

Does that mean you get to eat all the lovely food yourselves instead of sharing it, or do you have to find some more people to share it with?

Love Sis

Anonymous said...

Would that be a piri piri brownie point you were after???

Love Another Sis

Jill Homer said...

Cool trip! Can't wait to read on.

Anonymous said...

A piri piri brownie point would be excellent - although a whole brownies or even 10 would be even better...

love Sis

dgym said...

I don't see why we can't offer a free brownie to everyone we see who creates an account on our games site. Obviously it would require many fresh batches (we wouldn't want to hand out stale brownies) for us to finish off and this seems like an agreeable situation.

Sorry the applet didn't work, it is probably a work thing, you can always try installing Java (a free download from if your machine lets you. We hope to have some options for those that can't use Java some day, but then we also hope to have more games too.

Love Bro

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I couldn't get it to work at the office, but it did at home! Must be the firewall they've got.

As to trikes, I fitted 2 Maxxis MaxxDaddies on the front, and they're great! Slows me down a bit, but I get more exercise! :-) But still I got a puncture in one last night! I couldn't believe it! Waiting for snow now, so I can fit the studded tyre I bought for the back wheel.

See the link for a look at what Christmas can be like here!


dgym said...

Hi Phill,

From those photos I can see why you wanted that third wheel. If it gets that deep you mind end up with clearance problems, but nothing that can't be fixed with two massive wheels on the front. If only you could put a big wheel on the back too, then you could see where you were going again.

It seems that Jill likes to ride in icy/snowy conditions, what kind of a set up do you use Jill?

Anonymous said...

Been expecting the next update; can only assume you got back to the UK ok. Where next?

Fitted the studded tyre, tested it on a very icy uphill path - works brilliantly! Still waiting for snow, not that I really want it (easier triking without!) but it would relieve the darkness here. Happy New Year!