Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tuesday June 6th - Somewhere to live

We made another attempt at finding an apartment today, and this time the estate agent was open. Unfortunately our tourists' guide book doesn't include phrases useful for finding long term accomodation, but thankfully the agent spoke German so we could manage a little, and she called someone else who spoke English to help with the finer points. Now this may come as a complete shock to us foreigners, but apparently over here seaside apartments have a fair bit of demand over the summer, which can lead to an inflated price. Apartments around here are very much out of our league.

It doesn't help that the cheapest places are in rural areas, and the estate agents are in the cities, and the estate agents don't tend to cover more than the city they are in. In fact finding any lettings here is very hard, and our being fussy about not spending an absolute fortune just compounds the issue. So although we can afford to live here, it looks like we would have to buy a house to do so.

What we have found is a room for rent where the host will kindly let us use their kitchen. It is a few miles south from the coast, with a nice garden leading down to a large lake. Use of a kitchen is going to be necessary as the room costs £10 a night so we won't have much money left over for food - not that it is a huge problem if we go over budget by a pound or two every day.

So we should have a very pleasant summer to look forward to, being not too far from a national park, the sea side and a good bakery. We are also within easy cycling distance from Germany in case we need to go and get decent ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more about your adventures in Poland! Sounds like it will be a very nice area to stay in.

Anonymous said...

Dobry wieczór. Dobrze zrobiony na wyciąganiu Polska. Mają nadzieję wy znajdujecie gdzieś zatrzymywać.

Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to the blog, which I really enjoy, by the way :-)

But, the link to 'Hel and Dgym's board games site' is broken....

I'm happy you'll come through Vienna in Autumn. I'm looking forward to your stay here. I'll write a mail soon.

dgym said...

Hi Maike,

It is lovely to hear from you, we hope all as well.

It seems that the games server is very unreliable, we will be moving it to a new provider as soon as we can but current internetlessness is making that tricky.

How are things going? We don't know too many people who have left England for as long as you have, so are curious if you are glad to be out of there, wishing you were going back or something in the middle?

Take care,


Hel said...

For those less than fluent in the Polish language, here is a translation of st dad's words, as given by

Good evening. On extraction made well polish. Somewhere you have to detain hope find.

dgym said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for that lovely comment, you might be pleased to know that I recognised the first word - "good" and the rest is a bit of a mystery.

Luckily there are online tools to tell us that you hope we find a happy detention in Poland. We have been enjoying our stay so far thanks, it is quite nice at the lake with the frogs singing us to sleep every night.

Does anyone know of an offline English/Polish dictionary we can download? It would be really nice to be able to say slightly more to our hosts by the time we leave.

Looking forward to seeing you in July if we can work out how to get back from here.

Anonymous said...

That's not how it started off at Poltran, but you get the gist I'm sure.