Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday 19 June - Birthday at the beach

Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday either here or by email, and to those who tried to phone as well, but I simply can't afford to pick up the phone. I had a lovely day. After getting up quite late (I had been playing OpenTTD quite late the night before, again) we cycled over to Germany for lunch. We went to the same town again (the nearest one of course), but ate at a restaurant on the town square, which had some nice fountains. I'm not quite sure what I ordered but it wasn't dissimilar to chicken pie filling topped with cheese. The food was nice enough and so was the view, but what really made the lunch was watching some children playing in the water as one girl (probably about eight years old) decided to take off all her clothes and shove her bum in the fountain. Hilarious! So we were both sat there amused at her antics but really hoping that her parents would show up as that would be telling off to witness in any language.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. Some ice creams came along too. Then we had a really nice dinner followed by a great big ice cream and fruit dessert, with real freshly prepared fruit too, not some manky tinned stuff. We left for home quite late and it was nearly dark by the time we got back.

Since then we have been going into town quite a lot as I have had some paid work to do, which means I have to check my email more regularly. One day it was threatening to rain so rather than stand around under a tree hoping for the best we went and found the internet shop. This just happened to be next to a fish mongers (the first we have seen here), a butchers, and a little bakery that does excellent cake. We would have been grateful for any cake shop really, it had been a while, but this cake was unusually good by English bakery standards. Now that we have found somewhere that sells a whole cake for £1.60 we are going to have to refactor our budget and our waistlines - I think it is going to work out quite well.


paula said...

Ah brother... about time! I guess you don't have as much to write about now you are staying in one place for a while. And while we're on the subject of staying put, when are you coming back to the UK?!
Glad you had a nice birthday and lots of ice cream. Please feel free to post more ice cream pictures, I frequently pull up your blog just to look at them.
Love Sis.

dgym said...

Well I am all for delivering what the readership want, and if that means more ice cream pictures then it looks like another trip is in order.

The lasagne eis looked quite good so I might just have to have on of those.

We won't be comming back quite as soon as we had originally planned. After finally figuring out how to get to Portugal without spending a fortune it looks like we should be making a longer visit at the very end of July rather than a shorter visit at the beginning.

Sorry to miss your birthday, but I am sure you will find a way to enjoy it all the same.

Love Bro.