Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Goodbye Lifestyle

We are Hel and Dgym.

Until recently we were doing the whole full-time programming job living in England thing. This was fine until we realised we weren't making any money - at least not enough to have children and feed them to the legally required dosages, and we wanted a holiday, a really long holiday. England has some excellent long term holiday schemes - the dole, death, imprisonment, living off daddy's money - but we didn't really fancy any of those (our daddies aren't rich enough) so it was time to throw in the tea towel and try something new.

This led to the hasty hatching and execution of plan B - its time to stick it to the man/woman/anyone nearby and not wearing too much teflon, and leave the country. We want open roads, fine foods, hats on our letters and regional stomach upsets. We are going to sell our house, quit our jobs and go travelling on our bicycles until we find a land where we can live well, or come back to England trying.

Will code for food.

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